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Getting The Most Bong For Your Buck - What Does a Good Glass Collection Look Like.

Glass Collectors Unite.  Every Glass Collection is a work in progress. Most start with a mismatch of pipes we've collected over the years. A couple of hand pipes, a few bongs maybe a novelty pipe we received as a gift. Before you know it you have the beginnings of a decent Glass Collection.

So How do we fill in the gaps and what does a good glass collection look like.

Like any good collection it should be a representation of old and new designs in each category with at least a few hard to find or unique items. The collection does not have to be all high end glass in fact we routinely run into well designed pipes hiding in the mix of imported junk at the local LA glass district. Yeah we have a Glass District right down street from the Garment and SeaFood District. Most of the pipes are poorly designed,flashy pipes with questionable materials but occasionally something nice slips in.

Don't get me wrong, all of your pipes should have a functional design, good draw, sturdy construction and no functional defects, these are handmade works of art in many cases and some defects may be subjective. The pipes that  have removable stems should have ground Joints and all of your pipes should be made from borosilicate glass or equal.

A Basic Glass Collection would have:


Bongs: a straight tube

a straight tube bong, a beaker bong, a bong with extra diffusion maybe one with multiple chambers, Colors are up to your but clear bongs or clear with with accent colors allow you to see when they need to be cleaned.

Concentrate Rigs

A standard sized rig with at least one diffuser, a sidecar rig a Puck Base and if you like a mini rig. Rigs really lend themselves to some great designs so this is a great place to expand as your collection grows. Most rigs work wet or dry and with flower as well as concentrate.


Ok everything that has water in it is technically considered a Bubbler. A hammer style bubbler with or without a removable bowl, a Ratchet Bubbler,  Use this category to showcase pipes that crossover between different styles, for instance a hammer style bubbler- small enough to qualify as a handpipe, works great wet or dry and with a bowl change can accommodate flower or concentrates.

Hand Pipes / Dry Pipes

a Sherlock, a Gandalf,  a Tankard style a spoon, definitely a Steam roller or two and maybe a Dugout or Travel pipe. This is a good place for Tasters and Chilliums.


Ok so this covers the basic collection. Recyclers, Incyclers ets.....

rigs first has at least a few Bongs in the line-up. Many of our friends have substantial Glass Habits (20+ Pipes). Most of their collections have 4 or 5 good solid Bongs that get regular use and a few pretty ones that just sit on the shelf to balance the Gandalfs, Sherlocks and Dab Rigs that round out their collection.

Were going to start a monthly Glass Habit member contest to show off some of your collections and offer the winners a free pipe of their choice to add to their collection.

What makes a good Glass Collection? Well that really depends on what and where you like to smoke. If your a fan of Flower then most of your pipes should be geared towards Bud. If Concentrate is your smoke of choice then were focusing more on Oil and Dab Rigs with a few Flower pipes in the mix (we can't always smoke concentrates.)

Strategically Map out what you want your finished collection to look like. Most collectors start with a mix of hand pipes,bongs,rigs and bubblers a few heady pieces and you have the start of a nice collection.

A typical Glass Collection will have 3 or 4 Bongs, 2 or 3 Oil Pipes, 2 or 3 hand pipes a few bubblers, maybe a dug out, and at least 1 or 2 Heady pieces. No Gun or Penis shaped pipes please.


Bongs: 1 - 17" or taller, 1 Straight Tube, 1 Beaker, 1 or 2  with multiple chambers with percolation, 1 - daily driver usually with a removable downstem and maybe a tree or honeycomb diffuser. If you want to add a Heady piece that would be nice. Everything should have ground joints, no rubber.

Oil Rigs: 1 - Puck base, 1 - Sidecar


First Items to add: Recycler or Incycler,





Bongs are usually the go to piece for flower. We categorize the term “Bong” as a self standing waterpipe made from larger tubing where the main tube of the pipe forms into the mouthpiece. The pipe can be straight or bent and can have single or multiple chambers, filtration can be from a downstem or additional percolation/diffusion sections. Additional filtration sections such as a honeycomb or tree diffuser are common. Bongs usually have larger overall volume compared to a typical waterpipe, rig, or bubbler.

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