Recycler Bongs

Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs and Recycler Dab Rigs consistently circulate (recycle) the water and smoke providing a much cooler and flavor filled hit. Look for proper function and a lite draw when choosing a recycler. There are three basic types of recycler bongs:

Internal recycler or ‘Incycler

The Incycler bong has a pair of chambers in the main tube, a small vortex chamber inside of a larger main chamber. The tolerances are very close and alignment of the internal pieces are critical making this the most difficult of the three to build. The lack of external tubing and encased inner chamber provides more durability than the other styles. Incyclers travel well, are easier to clean and in most cases provide more cooling and flavor.

External Recycler

This is your classic recycler bong, a vortex chamber sitting above a main chamber connected with fill and drain tubes. There can be any number of fill tubes with the trick to proper function being the balance between the two. A properly built recycler is a joy to use and watch. Elegant design, circulating water/smoke, a spinning vortex and if done right, a lite draw with enhanced flavor profiles. External Recyclers may not filter to the same extent as the other two options but still have noticeably more flavor and cooling effect than non-recycling pipes.

Klein Recycler Bong

This combines an internal vortex chamber with a drain line that leaves and then returns to the main chamber.  A Klein Recycler Bong is a combination of internal and external recyclers giving you the best of both worlds. The Klein recycler bong is considered the best filtering option however that’s up for debate.

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