Dab Accessories

All of our dab accessories in one place. Everything to complement your dab experience. Bangers, nails, dabbers, caps, torches, mats, etc. you get the picture.

Flower is King but Dabbing is a close second (the queen?). One of the greatest advances to come out of the legalization of cannabis (maybe the only one) is the cleaning up of the concentrate sector. Gone are the days of lingering butane aroma and brown shatter. The Extraction industry has really stepped up their game and is producing the highest quality concentrates we’ve ever seen. We will always love old school Hashish a la Frenchy Cannoli style but the level of concentrates available today has reached new heights. Live Resin, Live Rosin an endless selection of wax, budder and sauces to please your senses, the golden age of concentrates has arrived. Here are some Dab Accessories to guide you in your journey.

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