We all love a huge rip of flower in our favorite Bong but that’s not what we are looking for in our concentrate and Rig.

Those large chambers require us to take much  bigger hits than needed.  This results in wasted concentrate and stale smoke left in the chamber.

Concentrate pipes are usually half to one third the size of of a Bong or Water Pipe.  A Well designed Rig will offer a lite draw, better vaporization and a more flavorful hit. Concentrate pipes use narrow diameter tubing, smaller smoke chambers and proportionally sized diffusers. The shorter smoke path from nail to mouth and better vaporization conserves concentrate and maximizes flavor.

All of these Rigs can be used for flower with a simple bowl change. Flower leaves more residue than concentrate so add an ash catcher or carbon filter to keep your rig clean.

There are countless design choices when picking a new rig, we stick to the basics of good draw, solid construction and classic design. We cover the basics so you focus on the style and aesthetics that compliment your collection.

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