Bowls Ashcatchers Nails

Bowls Ashcatchers Nails -Stuff to stick on the end of your rig.


Bowls come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.  Match the joint and angle to the pipe you want to use. Pick the size and aesthetics that work for you and your pipe, done.


None of us look forward to deep cleaning the bong. Changing the water is no problem, but getting the grime out of the chambers, even with good cleaners, it still a pain. Ashcatchers and filters are easier to clean and a great way to push the task out indefinitely. The extra filtration is an added bonus. Pipes using only downstem filtration can go from good to great with an perc Ashcatcher. A must have if your going to use your Dab Rig for Flower.

Match the joint and angle to the pipe you want to use. Match the joint and angle of the bowl you want to use. Choose water filtration (ashcatcher), carbon or flower filtration (filter). One hack when using a carbon style filter with concentrate or flower is to replace the carbon with flower. The flower is now infused with whatever your smoking and makes a great smoke.


Nails are available in a variety of materials, and styles. The standard materials are titanium, ceramic and quartz, glass is supplied by several brands so you can get started but they will eventually break from the heat. This is a good place to mention Bangers or quartz buckets (personal choice). Bangers are little cups that hang off the end of your pipe to hold and heat concentrate they are available in quarts and glass get quartz for the above reasons. Quartz buckets are easy to heat, hold a large amount of concentrate and most importantly don’t change the terpene profile of you concentrate.

Electric Nails offer consistent temperature and can be adjusted to bring out the best in your concentrate, but still not as fun as a using a torch. Bowls Ashcatchers Nails.

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