Blazer Big Shot Dab-Torch


The Blazer Big Shot Torch – anti-flare refillable torch with a strong, sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. 2500-degree blue torch flame and Piezo-instant-ignition system. Also features a new safety lock for extra protection. 35 minutes of burn time. Stands approx. 7.5″ tall with stand. Torch is sold empty

Blazer Big Shot Dab-Torch

  • 7.5″ butane torch lighter
  • Removable stand for hands-free operation
  • High quality anodized finishes
  • Handy gas flow adjustment level
  • 2500-degree blue torch flame
  • Piezo-instant-ignition system
  • Note: Torch ships dry.
  • Butane sold separately

Slime Green, Teal Glow


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