This Rocketship Recycler by Boro-D will launch you to an atmospheric level. Its 3 showerhead percs, each shaped like a rocket booster, are attached to the exterior glass above the base. These mini rocket boosters surround the lower portion of the main body, resembling a propulsion system on a rocketship. While the body is mostly shaped like a straight tube, the mouthpiece is tapered so as to mimic the nose of a rocket’s main structure. When using this scientific piece, the smoke initially travels through these 3 showerhead percs. After filtering through the “rocket boosters”, the recycling system is initiated. Some of the water within the 3 percs travels directly into the recycling chamber located above the main chamber. This recycling chamber has a hole in the center for water and smoke to drop back down to the main chamber. The recycling process is an efficient system that re-filters smoke and re-uses water for optimal filtration. After being recycled, the smoke travels to a third chamber located above the recycling chamber. Once again, the smoke is filtered through a 13-arm tree perc before finally leaving the mouthpiece. With 4 separate percolators and a recycler system, this Rocketship Recycler thoroughly diffuses and cools smoke. Better yet, it has a visually captivating design. Not only does the entire piece resemble a rocketship, but it also features blue accented glass on the tree perc. It’s 5″ wide base also has black and white accents. You can use this piece with either dry herb or concentrate. 

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18mm female


16 inches

  • Straight Tube
  • Recycler
  • 18mm Female Joint to Bowl
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • 3 Showerhead Percs
  • 13 Arm Tree Perc
  • Scientific Glass Bowl Included


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