Bubbler Mini Rig


Bubbler Mini Rig

  • Height: 5″
  • Use with flower or concentrate
  • Flower bowl included.


Bubbler Mini Rig | Hash-Guild . The smallest dab rig in our collection and the function is great . Its fission down-stem diffuses smoke and is fixed inside the bubbler to prevent damage. Smooth draw, solid in the hand, works with or without water. Add a quartz banger for a great mini dab rig for wax or rosin. Very portable dab rig and a nice addition to any collection. Great bubbler mini rig for at home or on the go. The standard bubbler has the bowl formed into the pipe and are used mainly for flower. The ability to switch out the bowl style or use a banger will make this one of the most versatile pipes in your collection. Sure to become one of your favorites we love this cute bubbler.


Black, Clear


Grav Labs

Pipe Style



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