Dab Rig – 6B Glass – Bent Neck Rig


Dab Rig – 6B Glass – Bent Neck Rig – 8 Arm Tree Perc.- Great pipe for concentrates and works with flower as well. The narrow diameter tubing used for the body lets you cover just the slits in the tree perc. with water for minimum concentrate dilution and a lite draw. Bring the water level up to the top of the tree for more filtration when smoking flower.  The 8 arm tree perc. provides a smooth, flavor filled hit every time. Even with it’s 10″ stature this bent neck rig still retains a relatively short path from banger to mouth, accentuating the flavor of your wax, rosin or flower.

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Dab Rig – 6B Glass – Bent Neck Rig – 8 Arm Tree Perc.

  • Height: 10″
  • Thickness: 5MM
  •  Joint Size: 14MM
  • Perc: 8 Arm Tree
  • Banger and Flower bowl included
  • Colors Vary



Thick Ass Glass TAG


Blue, Aqua, Brown, Clear, Pink



Joint Gender

Female, Male

Joint Size


Perc Style

Klein Incycler, Super Slit Puck

Pipe Style

Dab Rig, Recycler


$151 & Up




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