Dab Rig | 6B Glass – Rig Wig Bell


Dab Rig | 6B Glass – Rig Wig Bell- The perfect Dab Rig for all occasions. Experience the fine nuances of your favorite wax or rosin. Just the right amount of filtration to enhance your concentrates with minimum water level or add  more water and puff your favorite flower. Comes with a flower bowl and a flat top quartz banger. The bell shaped body, 8 arm tree perc. and short path from bowl to mouth provide smooth, flavor filled puffs and huge clouds every time. Who doesn’t love a well made piece of wig wag art and this rig does not disappoint with matching wig wag ball and tree top this is a piece that will always be in your collection. Great function great visual.

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Dab Rig | 6B Glass – Rig Wig Bell

  • American Made
  • Height: 8″
  • Thickness: 5MM
  •  Joint Size: 14MM
  • Perc: 8 arm tree
  • Banger and Flower bowl included
  • Colors Vary



Thick Ass Glass TAG


Blue, Aqua, Brown, Clear, Pink



Joint Gender

Female, Male

Joint Size


Perc Style

Klein Incycler, Super Slit Puck

Pipe Style

Dab Rig, Recycler


$151 & Up




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