Pulsar Opaque-Base No-Weld Banger | 90Deg 14mm


The Pulsar Opaque-Base No-Weld Banger is made from pure quartz with a beveled edge top, perfect for creating a tight seal to your carb cap. The chamber of this banger measures 40mm tall and 25mm wide, with a depth of 36mm and an inner diameter of 20mm. The opaque bottom heats more quickly and retains heat longer than a classic clear quartz bottom. These bangers feature a 90-degree stem

Pulsar Opaque-Base No-Weld Banger-90Deg

  • 90-degree quartz banger
  • 40mm by 25mm chamber (36mm by 20mm interior)
  • Opaque bottom
  • Made with 100% quartz
  • 14mm Male


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