Pulsar Terp Slurper with Opaque Bottom – No Weld | 45 14mm


Pulsar Terp-Slurper No-Weld 45-14mm – A finely crafted Terp Slurper with hand blended stem connection, beveled flame polished lip for a tight seal to your marble, precision cut vortex slits, heat retaining opaque base and a ground 14mm 45° joint. Add a marble and pearls or marble and pill set for full effect.

Dimensions: 20mm inner diameter, 15mm inner diameter, 59mm overall height (26mm bucket), 8mm dish height


Pulsar Terp-Slurper No-Weld 45-14mm with Opaque Bottom

  • Terp Slurper banger
  • 100% quartz material
  • 15mm opening
  • Unique “terp slurp” design
  • Opaque bottom
  • Beveled edge
  • 14mm ground male joint size
  • 45-degree


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